Sunday, September 28, 2014

Understanding Our Three Minds

A Brief Essay.

It seems the majority of the consciousness movement is obsessed with "the mind" without ever defining it properly. It leads people to believe that our power is all within our thoughts, which further leads to people to assume that our mind is only in our HEAD. So if we just get clear about what we want and think it properly, we will manifest it. Yet this information misses the boat. We must understand, our thinking is there to help us identify what it is that we desire and to get out of the way. It is not the primary creator.

What I have recently learned is that our manifestation power is not about what we think or don't think about with our heads (although our Head-Mind tapes/shadows can block clarity and cause a certain level of interference) but when we pull our consciousness through and out of our heart chakra and make our requests from THIS space, this is Heart-Mind manifestation and THIS is our ultimate creative power. This is in vibrational alignment with Higher purpose, as Abraham Hicks often lectures on.

FEEDBACK comes into us through our third mind, the Gut-Mind. This is our main intuition, our 'gut feeling'. This feedback is linked to who we believe we are. There is a filter involved here. This feeds back into the Head-Mind and it's belief systems.

Gut-Mind is that which will help you know whether to take the left path or the right path. Gut-Minds assists us on perspective, as this is the center our consciousness can leave through, either in death or in astral projection. A bird's eye view.

Is your manifestation realistic to whom you are now, in this moment? Who do you need to become in order to hold this manifestation? What are your next moves to step into the alignment of that which you have called forward via your true Heart-Mind? What further blocks have you uncovered that your Head-Mind needs to clear?

Science supports our three brain understanding, as there are as many neurons in the brain as to the heart as to the gut. They are all transmission centers. (see for more info). 
Also, within metaphysical knowledge, understanding the related chakra wheels and how they work can lend further insight on their nuances.

The consciousness movement is also obsessed about LOVE and it's power. Of course! However, I have seen very few practically describe how to use such an energy in life. LOVE energy is the sensation we can feel through our consciousness merging down into our heart center. It's quite physical! Practice with this energy and you will start to have greater understanding of your co-creative, manifestation power.

So, a brief summary:

Brain-Mind: Transform (by enveloping) shadow debris and get clear on desires. Identify core beliefs.

Heart-Mind: Process desires through the heart chakra. Bring your consciousness to that space and simply TAKE what it is you want, because it's all available already. It is already made. Everything already exists. 

Gut-Mind: Listen to the subtle information and cues that are giving you feedback about your manifestation. Especially true for larger requests that seem to have steps to take on the denser planes. 

These centers all work in harmony, of course! This topic is a large one however here I merely wanted to lay out a practical, simple understanding to begin a practice in utilization. This is an important step that I trust will give you some clear direction.

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